Missy MacKintosh

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Leah Piper

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MEET Missy MacKintosh

With over 16 years of experience working as a makeup artist Missy has done it all. After graduating from Blanche McDonald Center and The Makeup For Ever Academy in Paris, her work has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post, and the Daily Mail, as well as international publications and campaigns. She has even worked for prestige makeup companies like Nars and Make Up For Ever (she managed their makeup counter at the young age of 19!).

It was during a campaign for a new clean cosmetics retailer that Missy first heard of “clean beauty.” She fell in love with the integrity and values behind natural, clean cosmetics. It also opened her eyes to how self-regulated the industry is. Once you see how many icky ingredients are in a simple tube of lipstick, you cannot unsee it. However, she found most natural and clean cosmetics did not hold up to her standards. As a professional artist, makeup had to be pigmented, and stay on for hours and under hot lights. What was available at the time, did not cut it.

Missy took matters into her own hands. With her extensive cosmetic knowledge, she worked to create a line that pushes the technology and performance of natural cosmetics to new heights. This line didn’t just have to be good for a clean line. It had to outperform conventional cosmetics and be practical for the pros and the everyday consumer. With the goal to keep everything in Canada, Missy worked with two female Canadian chemists to create the first product in her professional clean makeup line — MisMacK Clean Cosmetics. They had to think outside the box. It’s not easy to create a product that works well while removing so many commonly used ingredients, but they did it. Missy has sourced and designed every aspect of MisMacK from her basement in Canoe, BC. The first product launched in 2018, GlitterEnvi the first Canadian bio-degradable glitter. And a few months later the foundation was born. Now, MisMacK has everything you need to create any look, from skincare prep to false lashes.

Missy’s passion for makeup goes beyond application and into education. She thrives on helping people find enjoyment in makeup by teaching the fundamentals and creative aspects of makeup. With two storefronts and an online store, Missy is working on getting clean, high performance products in makeup bags all across the world, and empowering makeup lovers to be their most authentic selves.

Top 100 Finalist Canada’s Total Mom Pitch 2021/2022
CIO Views Magazine - Most Admired Women Leaders of 2021
Top 5 Finalist Small Business BC 2021 Awards – Best Youth Entrepreneur, Best Innovator, and Best Community Impact Industry Era Magazine - Top 10 Best Female Leaders of 2020, Top 5 Best Youth Entrepreneur 2020 


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MEET Leah Piper

On a mission to help people love!

Leah Piper, Founder of More Love Works and Co-Founder of the Sex Reimagined Podcast, is also the senior female facilitator at Source Scholl of Tantra with Charles Muir.

By weaving together ancient wisdom teachings with the science of well-being, her modern-day approach to sexual love transcends everything we know about human sexual intimacy.

With 20 years of professional experience and countless certifications in Tantra, Positive Psychology, and Somatic Therapies, Leah has personally facilitated thousands of couples and individuals worldwide to elevate love and sex into a true art form.

Whether she is facilitating a workshop, presenting to a large audience, coaching private students, or mentoring new entrepreneurs, her teachings provide actionable steps that lead to lasting transformation.