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Meet Maris Segal

As a success coach and consultant, Maris Segal works globally with executives, entrepreneurs, and rising leaders across the public and private sectors to identify and bring their vision to life through times of change. Over the past 30 years, Maris has brought a creative collaborative voice to issues, causes and brands to unite diverse populations across a wide spectrum of business, policy, and social issues. At the core of Maris’ work is her expertise as a strategist, coach, trainer, best-selling author, and speaker in Business Relationship Marketing & Personal Leadership, Organizational Development, Inclusive Leadership, Philanthropy Strategies, Project Management, Cause Related & Social Impact, and Stakeholder Engagement.

Maris’ coaching philosophy is “How we show up at the office is how we show up everywhere” and “human capital is the bottom line.” Working with local and global leaders from classrooms and boardrooms to the White House, Harvard and sports & entertainment arenas, Maris has created transformational results in her client’s personal and professional lives. Maris and her business partner and husband Ken Ashby are also among the best-selling co-authors contributing to a series of 13 leadership books called “Habitude Warrior 13 Steps to Riches.” Each book explores one of the riches of life based on the great teachings of Napoleon Hill. 

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