Julie Preas 

Put The Oxygen Mask On Yourself First

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Meet Julie Preas 

Julie Preas is a wife, doggy  mamma, and retired RN of 23 years turned health and Vitality coach. She is passionate about the healing power of essential oils, and coaches others to utilize nature’s medicine to improve the lives of themselves and their families-including their fur babies!

9 years ago, Julie was in a car accident that left her mentally and physically broken. Although prescription medication lined her medicine cabinet, nothing seemed to help the physical dis-comfort. It wasn’t until a friend introduced her to the world of essential oils that Julie finally started to feel relief-and not just physical relief for her injuries, but she began to see vast improvements in all areas of her health from head tension to stomach troubles to mood and emotions. This experience quickly led Julie on a journey of discovering, learning, and sharing the healing power of these potent oils. Now, 7 years later, She have transformed her life and empowered thousands of others around the world to take charge of their health and wellness through the knowledge and use of essential oils. 

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